DNA Testing

With all the hype on T.V. and social media to test your DNA to see where you come from, I decided to cave. I had heard about a brand called My Heritage and decided to give them a try since they were having a sale. It was simple, put your information in their system online and they mail you a kit. Once you receive your kit, you just swab the insides of your cheeks and place the swabs in pre-made containers and mail it back. The results take 4-6 weeks and you are notified via email. Simple!



I was told growing up that I was mostly German and Irish. Then when I went off to college, my Dad had uncovered documents in our family showing we had Jamaican too. He dug pretty deep into our family history and found more than we ever expected. Pretty cool!

After taking my DNA test I was surprised with the results: 52.8% English, 22.5% Italian & 24.7% of others. The below pictures shows the full details.


I think what’s most interesting is my maiden name, Bauer, is German. So naturally, you would think I am mostly German. Isn’t is cool that I am more Italian than German?! Who knew?!

Have you discovered your origins? If so, share below and the kit you used.

Sarah Brown

Sarah is a full time working mom who grew up in the D.C. Metro Area and has a passion to help others live their best lives through natural alternatives. She loves spending time with her husband and son and traveling when possible to see her Mom. Good food, friends, family and wine (or margaritas) are a must. Life is too short and we all could use a little drop of happiness.


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