Favorite Baby Products

Favorite Baby Products

When I found out that I was pregnant, I did a ton of research on baby products – what was the best, what was the most used or purchased, what was the safest, was there a cheaper option, etc, and so on. I honestly ran out of energy towards the end of my pregnancy and could not research anymore. I was burnt out. Here are some of my favorite baby products we have loved using and Asher has loved.


One of the products we ABSOLUTELY love but I couldn’t add to the pictures above is our Nanit baby monitor. This product has been literally life changing. You can view this on your smartphone anywhere, at anytime. This not only is very cool but it really does give you that peace of mind, especially when baby is left at home with a sitter. We have had our Nanit for 9 months now and I wouldn’t trade it for any other baby monitor out there!

Sarah Brown

Sarah is a full time working mom who grew up in the D.C. Metro Area and has a passion to help others live their best lives through natural alternatives. She loves spending time with her husband and son and traveling when possible to see her Mom. Good food, friends, family and wine (or margaritas) are a must. Life is too short and we all could use a little drop of happiness.


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