An Alternative Option for Safe & Gentle Baby Products

When I was pregnant I did a TON of research on baby products. What was the safest, the best, most cost effective, easiest to assemble and disassemble, anything potentially toxic or harmful, is it lightweight and easy to travel with, and the list goes on. I had heard and read about diapers, wipes and bum creams being an issue for babies gentle bottom and didn’t like what I was finding out. How could these companies make products that were potentially harmful?

I believe we all have at one point thought, “well it’s in the baby aisle so it must be safe.” I wish that were true. Thankfully there are alternatives out there. If you love to DIY there are recipes galore for you to make and use. If you want convenience, they’ve got it. I was not a DIYer and knew I’d be going back to work full time so I did not want to mess with cloth diapers or any homemade wipes. I know, I am probably getting some major eye rolls from some of you, if you’re still reading this but this is my journey and my experience and I am just sharing it with you.

I used and continue to use diapers from a major company. I know they are probably not great but it’s really what has worked for us and I have also not noticed any issues with them. We also use sensitive wipes from a major company because we go through them so quickly. I give major props to all you mamas and dads who use cloth diapers and make your own wipes. But for those who are like me and do not want to go that route, we have another alternative option.

Welcome the Seedlings line with Young Living Essential Oils. They have quite a few amazing products for baby and we love all the ingredients in them. Not to mention, you don’t have to drive to go get them. Just order online and they arrive well packaged on your front door step.

Seedlings Baby Wipes

The Seedlings Baby Wipes are so gentle and soft and they smell AMAZING. Perfect for baby’s gentle bum and delicate skin. The ingredients include: Water, Glycerin, Apple, Soapberry, Lavender, Marigold, Witch Hazel, Coriander, Aloe Vera, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Geranium. All the essential oils are 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oils. They are formulated WITHOUT chlorine, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes and colorants. The refreshing and calming scent comes from essential oils. There are not harsh chemicals and they are non-toxic. These also make great makeup removers too.

The rest of the line includes Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Oil, and Baby Lotion. We have loved the diaper rash cream and never got to use the oil or lotion. The lotion is currently sold out as of the date of this post but other mommies who have used it, rave about it and plan to keep purchasing it once it comes back in stock. These items also make wonderful gifts for an expectant mother or father.

Young Living’s Seedlings Line (minus lotion)

If you visit Young Living’s website, you will see they plan to launch a calming baby wash and shampoo as well as a linen spray. I plan to use ALL of these products with our next baby and have even made my own bedtime linen spray for my son and myself. What’s great about Young Living is once your baby is older, they have a line just for kids. We’ve been using it since he was a baby but now even more so that he is over the age of 1. Check out my post on that line here for more information.

We came to the game a little late with this line but better late than never I guess. I would say we are using the wipes for multiple uses such as bum wiping, makeup removing and wiping down hands and face at home and while we are out and about.

Have you used the Young Living Seedlings line? If so, what were your thoughts?

Sarah Brown

Sarah is a full time working mom who grew up in the D.C. Metro Area and has a passion to help others live their best lives through natural alternatives. She loves spending time with her husband and son and traveling when possible to see her Mom. Good food, friends, family and wine (or margaritas) are a must. Life is too short and we all could use a little drop of happiness.


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